Xpense.PRO presents the best features to fuel your reimbursement process

App Features

Expense Reimbursement application tailored for your needs. Get familiar with the features!

Capture, categorize & reimburse on-the-go

As and when you incur an expense, capture the receipt, mention the purpose and submit it to the accountant / supervisor. Also, there is an option to capture receipt and save as draft to edit later. With this we ensure that losing receipts and faded bills are no longer a worry.

Create teams & projects

The manager /supervisor can create a team of employees working on a project. With this the accounting team can view the collective expenses on the project instead of viewing individual expenses by the team members. It is possible to create unlimited number of teams and projects with Xpense.PRO.

Works in the offline mode

The offline mode of Xpense.PRO lets you capture & save receipt and information.When online, it automatically gets synced and updated.

Multi-currency support

Xpense.PRO is equipped to handle expense reimbursements in multiple currencies across the globe. However, for each project, team members should apply in a uniform currency.

Reliable, fast & efficient

Xpense.PRO is hosted in AWS Cloud, with Secure – https connection, Oauth2 service calls, etc. Performance – MVVM Architecture, Apache with Nginx as Http server Reliability – MongoDB cluster, Cloud watch monitor, Every hour backups, etc. Availability – Hosted in AWS multiple Availability Zones with Disaster Recovery

Mobile & Web app

Xpense.PRO is a mobile app that enables us to do receipt tracking and reimbursement in a simple two step process. The web app organises a larger number of reimbursement requests and displays in intuitive dashboards for the ease of an accountant. This will also allow accountants to generate various customized reports.

A vault to keep all your receipts

Collecting paper evidence of expenses is no longer necessary. Xpense.PRO is a one-stop storage to Capture, Categorize, & Reimburse your expense receipts.

Minimalistic user-friendly design

One screen one action! Our app follows standard conventions, visual hierarchy and user experience to make the app even friendly for non-technical users.

Prompt notifications

Notification will be sent on each status change of a reimbursement request or request for clarification. This is your to do list and will show actions you need to take for each reimbursement.

User specific dashboards

Personal Use: Personal dashboard displays total expenses for a specified period. An easy to analyse donut chart provides a bird’s eye view of category wise expenses.

Business Use: Employee dashboard displays total reimbursement Requests, Pending applications, Paid and Rejected reimbursement requests.

The supervisor/ manager’s dashboard provides the organised details of the expenses of their respective teams. It will also provide project wise categorization of expenses.

Accountant’s Dashboard illustrates the information of various teams and projects of the entire company. A large amount of information is organised and customised on this dashboard.

Customized reports

Multiple expense reports can be downloaded as spreadsheet or CSV for employees, managers and accountants. Use different filters like date, tags, accounts, & categories to customize your reports.

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