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Understanding email notifications
emails will be sent when a team joining request is raised, and for reimbursement status change.
Is there a provision to add feedback?
Is there a provision to report an issue with the application through the application itself?
You can send the feedback to us through the feedback session in the application or if you wish to connect directly, you can contact our service team through mobile number 9143100400 to report any issues with the App.
When will you receive notifications?
You can receive notification for the following actions
a. Team join request
b. Reimbursement status change
c. Alert
What happens if there is no supervisor?
Notification is sent out to the Accountant and the accountant can take the necessary action.
Can I set a reminder for a particular expense?
Can I set priority for reimbursement added in Xpense.PRO?
What are the benefits of this app?
a. Collect & categorize business expenses
b. Eliminate manual process
c. Quick reimbursement
d. Seek/provide clarification about reimbursement request
What are the key features?
a. One-click receipt upload
b. Automatic workflows
c. Customized reports
d. Streamlined accounting
Can I access my account from mobile?
Yes, the app is available for Android devices. We will implement the application for iOS in a later phase.
Who can approve expense reports?
Supervisor/ Accountant can approve an expense report.
What is your storage policy?
Added information and reimbursement will be stored in the database.
What are the Challenges addressed By Xpense.PRO?
Manual Processes, Data Entry errors, Soiled Expense Reports, Delayed Reimbursements
Can I access all the files at any time?
Yes, you will be able to access your files at any point in time.
Can we have encrypted fields in expenses?
No. No encryption algorithm is implemented at this point in time.
What is the limit for adding expense in Xpense.PRO?
Supports unlimited expense adding.
How does it store the receipts?
Xpense.PRO stores receipts digitally.
Is it a User-Friendly Design?
One screen one action! Our app follows standard conventions, visual hierarchy, and user experience to make the app friendly for non-technical users.
Is there a website for Xpense.PRO?
Yes, please find the same in the following link: https://xpense.pro
Does the app have image stabilization?
Does the App provide access to multiple devices with the same login credentials?
Does the Xpense.pro app run in the background?
Is the app share possible?
Xpense.pro can be shared in WhatsApp?
Do you have any feature connecting your Xpense.Pro app to the accounting software of our company?
No, not in the existing version. This feature will be added in the next version.
Can I upload receipts in any language?
Yes, you can upload receipts in any language. You can attach multiple receipts to an expense.
Can I upload receipts in any format?
No, receipts can be uploaded as images only.
Is there an auto-scan option available?
There is no auto-scan option available for now.
How can receipts be auto-scanned?
There is no auto-scan option available for now.
What is the benefit of running an analytic report?
The analytic report gives you a clear picture of your company’s expenses.
Can I report an old expense?
Yes, you can report an old expense and submit it for approval by simply editing the expense incurred date.
Can I generate customized reports using the application?
It allows for multiple expense reports that can be downloaded as spreadsheets or CSV for Supervisors, employees, and accountants. You can filter the reimbursement by its status, categories, and projects.
Can I save the reimbursement and add a receipt later?
Yes, the user can enter details and save for later and upload receipts later.
What are the ways in which I can upload a bill?
Upload from your smartphone gallery or capture photo using a camera.
Recipients can be shared with another account?
Is it possible to add expenses in bulk?
No, it is not possible to add expenses in Bulk.
How do I delete a reimbursement?
There is no option to delete a reimbursement. This feature will be implemented in the second phase.
How can the bills be added?
Bills can be added while uploading a reimbursement.
Can I record expenses in multiple currencies?
Yes, Xpense.Pro supports multiple currencies.
What are the plans available?
Individual Free, Individual Premium, Basic, Small Business, Enterprise, Corporates
What are Reimbursable Expenses?
An amount expended by an employee on behalf of the organization is known as a reimbursable expense.
How safe is my data?
Xpense.PRO is hosted in AWS Cloud with Https connection,oauth2 services call, etc.
Support multi-currency?
Can my colleague use my account?
Where can I find the terms and conditions?
Click on the Terms and Condition on the Home page, you will be directed to the terms and conditions of the application.
Where can I find the privacy policy?
Our policy protects your privacy and limits what we do with your information. Click on the Privacy Policy on the Home page, you will be directed to the privacy policy of the application.
Does the app protect financial information?
Images are recorded?
Images you record in our apps are stored on our database.
Who can all see my data?
The supervisor/ accountant can see the employee data in a team. If it is an individual account, only you can see the data.
Can I add a privacy lock for the application?
No, currently there is no provision to add a privacy lock.
Can I change my registered email ID?
There is no option to change the registered email ID.
Can I use multiple accounts?
Yes, you can create multiple accounts using different mail IDs.
Reimbursement can be posted via Web App?
When app uninstalled, data is lost?
The app can be used in the tab? if there are any security issues?
Yes, no security issues.
A bank account can be Linked in the Xpense.PRO app?
Why Xpense.PRO is reliable?
a. High availability
b. Highly secure
c. Hosted on AWS
d. Seamless disaster recovery
e. Regular data backup
How do I upgrade to premium plans?
Go to settings > Plans , You can see upgrade button to premium plans.
What are the contents in a Supervisor dashboard?
Team spending insights and analytics.
What are the filters used in the reports?
Date, account, tag.
Can the pending requests be viewed from the employer dashboard?
Yes, it can be viewed.
Does the App Provide a pictorial representation of expense by month?
Yes, the Application provides a graphical representation
Can the supervisor view the team member details?
Yes, an overview of team members with their role is displayed under Teams
Is there a Dashboard notification available for the app?
What information is illustrated in the Accountant dashboard?
Information about the reimbursements raised with their corresponding status.
Personal use of dashboard?
Display the total expense for a specified convention.
Who can control the reimbursement request made by the employee?
Supervisor and the Accountant. The supervisor and the Accountant can either accept, reject or confirm the reimbursement request made by the employee.
How to upload reimbursement?
a. Go to add reimbursement
b. Add title
c. Upload bill.
d. Select team.
e. Add amount
f. Add Description
g. Select category
h. Pick project
i. Submit
How to add an amount?
First, select the currency then add the amount.
The expense incurred date can be added while adding the reimbursement?
Project team id can be added while adding the reimbursement?
You can pick a project name.
Can I add a description of the reimbursement added?
Yes, there is a section to add description while adding the reimbursement
what are the default categories available while adding a reimbursement?
a. Food
b. Coffee
c. Beverages
d. Fuel
e. Gift
f. Phone
g. Travel, etc.
How to add a new category?
Click on the + button in the select category session
Can I use the application to manage my personal expenses?
Yes, you can add the expense as reimbursement.
How many categories can be added?
It is based on the plans available
How to create a new team?
Click on the burger menu, expand Team, go to create a team. Enter the team name.
How to delete the team?
Click on the burger menu, expand Team, view all teams and click the delete button next to the specific team.
Can you use the app in landscape mode?
How to invite a new team member?
a. Select team-> Select + button next to the Role
b. Provide email ID of the member.
How to invite a new supervisor?
a. Select team-> Select + button next to the supervisor
b. Provide email ID of the supervisor.
Can the user open the app directly from the email request received?
Yes, you can click on the link provided in the email. It will redirect you to the play store from where you can install/ Open the app.
How to create a new project?
Click the menu button, select the project and create a new project.
As a supervisor/ Accountant, can I edit expenses that are submitted to me?
No, the submitted reimbursements cannot be edited.
How to accept/ reject a team joining request?
When you launch the application, the home screen will show the team joining request with the option to accept/ reject the same. You can select the option accordingly.
Where can I find the team joining request?
Sign in to Xpense.PRO app, You can find team join requests on the Home screen.
How many requests can be accepted by the supervisor?
The supervisor can accept unlimited requests.
How to edit the project?
Click the menu button to select the project, click the edit option.
How to delete a new project?
Click on the burger menu > Select Projects-> All projects-> Press the delete button next to the project name you want to delete.
How many teams can be added?
It is based on the plan you opted, Please refer our pricing page for details.
How many projects can be added?
It is based on the plan you opted, Please refer our pricing page for details
How does the team flow work?
The employee can submit a refund. Supervisor can approve/ reject/ ask for clarification. The accountant can approve the reimbursement or can pay if the reimbursement is approved.
Is there any limit for storage space availability?
Why do I need expense categories?
Expense categories make it easier for you to manage your expenses efficiently. Categorizing your expenses will give you a clear picture of where exactly you are spending your money and will help you optimize it for better expense management.
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