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Why Xpense.PRO?

Most of the Business owners are overpaying tax by failing to track and organize expense receipts. Also, employees are often frustrated with the tedious reimbursement processes. We designed Xpense.PRO to address these problems.

What is Xpense.PRO?

Xpense.PRO app simplifies official expense reimbursement. It is a secure place to keep and organize all your receipts.

How does it work?

Capture receipts, categorize expenses & apply for reimbursement. It can be used for a team or individuals for self.

How do I set up?

Download Xpense.PRO from the App store. Our app will guide you through the rest of the process.

Customer Highlight

Xpense.PRO is designed for small and medium businesses. This simplifies and organizes a tedious reimbursement process and it keeps all the receipts handy for annual tax filing or auditing.

Groupon recommendation
“Most receipt tracking and expense reimbursement apps toss a mess of features at you which only add to the stress of getting things done. As a small business owner, I was looking for a simple and cost-effective employee expense reimbursement software. I love the app design and its simplicity. It is pocket-friendly by all means.”
Americana recommendation
“This is the best app to track receipts and expenses. As an accountant, I like how easy it is to build custom expense reports for monthly auditing. The separate dashboard for accountants is helping us to categorize team and project wise expenses and budget accordingly. ”
Americana recommendation
“Losing out on expense reimbursement is like a salary cut. Getting reimbursed is very frustrating because it takes time and effort. Also, collecting paper receipts is a mundane task. Xpense.PRO helps to immediately submit expenses as and when it occurs. Also, the clarifications sought by the company hastens our payments. ”

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What would you like Xpense.Pro for?

    Capture, Categorize & Reimburse on-the-go

    Tired of spending hours in tedious reimbursement process?

    Xpense.PRO enables small and medium businesses to keep track and reimburse expenses on the go and simplifies the entire process. It offers receipt capture and files them for reimbursements. This app is currently available for android and web users. The user can create various teams as per the organization structure, projects and categories of expenses as per the need. It allows for multiple expense reports that can be downloaded as spreadsheet or CSV for employees, managers and accountants. This will streamline the accounting process associated with reimbursements for the audits and tax filing.

    Life is what happens when you are busy filling expense reports. Capture, Categorize & Reimburse and reclaim your life with Xpense.PRO...