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Look no more! We present the best app to track receipts and expenses

best app to track receipts and expenses

Look no more! We present the best app to track receipts and expenses

What makes Xpense.PRO the best option is the superabundant features that the software package comprises of. It allows you to capture, categorize and reimburse on-the-go. You can think of Xpense.PRO as a personal virtual vault that allows you to store all your expense receipts. Xpense.PRO is definitely the best app to save receipts for taxes.  You don’t have to worry about losing them or about the paper wearing off with time. So you don’t have to worry about losing a bill or receipt anymore. Apart from being the best storage space, Xpense.PRO is also the best efficient employee expense reporting software and business expense tracker app. The officials in charge – that is the managers or supervisors can divide the employees into teams according to the projects they’re handling. Employee expense tracking can be carried out best this way. This makes the reimbursement process a whole lot easier and reassures the fact that Xpense.PRO might be just the best employee expense reimbursement software. That is, the app makes it easier for the accounts department to keep a track of the expenses in accordance to each team rather than having to get details about the expenses of each employee.

Also, you’ll be updated on anything and everything that happens.  You will find yourself receiving notifications with each status change of a reimbursement request or while a new request for clarification has been put up. This kind of prepares a to-do list which keeps you updated about what’s pending and what all actions have to be taken for each reimbursement. 

You can instantly capture a receipt and submit it to the accounts by mentioning its purpose as and when the expense occurs. The icing on the cake is the fact that the receipts are also customizable in the app. You can add filters to the receipts like date, tags, accounts, and categories that can make your reports customizable to specific details. Specific dashboards for personal and business purposes are another attractive feature of the app. The employee dashboards display the numbers – total reimbursement requests, pending applications, paid and rejected reimbursement requests and so on. The supervisor dashboard is for the details regarding the expenses. The accountant dashboard keeps a track of the entire business the company is handling – the projects, the teams, etc. There is also a personal dashboard which provides an overview of the expenses pertaining to a specific period. The satisfied clients are all praise about the different dashboards for different purposes as it reduces down their efforts a whole lot and makes the job much lighter on them.